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June 23, 2009

The First Week of PoP4

Welcome to summer everyone!

The library is again sponsoring a reading program for faculty and staff designed to get us all reading!  If you are like me, your reading sometimes suffers during the busy school year and I look forward to a few extra hours of time in the summer to settle down with some good books.  With family budgets squeezed tighter than usual this summer, reading is a great way to take a virtual vacation.  So, this year’s summer reading program can be a great way to supplement your “Stay-cation”!

We are starting PoP4 today!  The program lasts from today, June 22, 2009 to August 31, 2009.  The incentive part of the program is the same as in years past.  Every person will get a bookmark for the first book they read and enter on the web page located at  http://pop4.thebookloverinme.com.  After 5 books and 10 books you’ll receive even bigger prizes.  Finally, at the end of the program, we’ll tally up how much we’ve read and the person with the most books read (or # of pages if we have a tie) will receive a Barnes and Noble gift card for $50.00.  The only requirement on what you read is that the book needs to be available in our library or through Link+.  If you are not sure whether your book is available in these ways please come to the library or call us at x2396 and we’ll show you how to find out where your book is available and how to find many others!

As always, the librarians will be recommending books for your reading pleasure.  We are embarking on a tour of our own this summer and we’re calling the theme of our reading schedule “A Walk Through the Stacks”.  We’ll be highlighting books from our own library in the various call number ranges.  Our recommendations this week come from the B’s – Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Religions.

Please join me the librarians in reading this summer and sharing with the campus community what you are reading.  The web site where you record what you have read allows you to say a lot or a little about your reading.  We can’t wait to see what everyone is reading this summer!

Cindy Parkhurst

Chair of Public Services

La Sierra University Library


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